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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the promotion of products/services via various forms of electronic media (mobile phones, tablets, desktops & laptops), mainly based on the internet.


Digitization has taken over our lives over the past decade at a rapid rate without us even noticing. Every business is going online and taking into consideration this phase there is a huge demand for professionals to take care of these businesses. Thus, the need for Digital Marketing rises.


Digital marketing is the act of selling products and services through channels such as social media, SEO, email, and mobile apps. Basically, digital marketing is any form of marketing that involves electronic devices.


Why Us?

Here’s why students prefer Digital Marketing Courses Live over other institutes!

Free Domain and Hosting with Digital Marketing Courses Live

Free Domain & Hosting

We provide Free Domain and hosting to each students to ensure that they are able practice thoroughly.

100% placement assistance at digital marketing courses live

100% Placement Assistance

A job is the next important thing after this course. We make sure that we provide a 100% job placement assistance until you get one.

FREE Annual Membership

We offer free annual membership to all our students from the time they enroll in our syllabus.

Freelance Training

We conduct special sessions and groom our students on how to grab clients and start earning as a professional freelancer.

Individual Focus

Everyone is unique and have their own level of understanding. We make sure that we pay equal attention to all our students and encourage them to ask more questions.

FREE Lifetime Support

Without any questions asked! We offer Free Unlimited Lifetime Support to all our students (for freelancing or at work)

Best Online Digital Marketing Courses for Beginners.

We’re in the 21st century & everything’s going digital. We have learned from the year 2020 and realized that the most precious things are time and money. It is quite easy to learn the basics of the digital marketing course but actually putting to practice what you’ve learned in the online digital marketing course is what matters. You would find many online digital marketing courses starting from ₹99 and for a duration of a week.


Let us clear the air for you, this is not the ideal online Digital Marketing Course. Why? Digital Marketing is a vast course, to mention a few major topics- Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. Our Online Digital Marketing Course is a 2 monthly professional Digital Marketing Certification Course where all of the major topics are covered. Digital Marketing is continuously evolving, which is why in our Online Digital Marketing Course we make sure that our students are well prepared for these changes.


Take the digital leap of faith with our online digital marketing course. Digital Marketing Courses Live is a student’s first choice because the faculty is young, dynamic, and enthusiastic and it is easier for them to relate to the teaching methodology and techniques. Our institute offers you the Best Online Digital Marketing Course with Free Lifetime Support, Annual Membership, Free Domain & Hosting, Easy Payment Plans, and much more.

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Mr. Faraaz Shaikh.

Meet the Trainer

Mr. Faraaz Shaikh is is an entrepreneur from India with expertise in Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing Training.


He is a YouTuber by passion, A social media marketer by hobby, and a Digital Marketing Trainer by profession. He is Facebook and Google Certified which makes him knowledgeable, qualified, and certified to train young, talented, and bright minds on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Digital Marketing.


He is the Founder and Trainer of Digital Marketing Courses Live.

Faraaz Shaikh

Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is one of the highest-paying  jobs of the 20th century.

Excessive Demand of Digital Marketing Professionals.

It does not require a specific academic background.

Start your own Digital Marketing agency.

Dynamic in Nature.

Digital Marketing is Challenging & Unpredictable.

No technical background required.

Flexibility to work from any part of the world.

Multiple specializations to choose from.

Open for candidates from all professional backgrounds.

Get The Most From Digital Marketing Courses Live

Top Online Digital Marketing Courses for Beginners.

We provide interactive online digital marketing courses, a chance to work on live projects, and encourage our students to ask more questions and all this at super affordable fees, lifetime support which means you can contact us at any point of time in your career whenever you feel you’re in a fix and that would be solved absolutely free.


We Are the Top Online Digital Marketing Institutes in Pune with 100 % Placement Assistance to Job Seekers. You can request a demo lecture to see the learning process and then decide accordingly. We have been referred by many popular sites and bloggers as Best Online Digital Marketing Training Institutes. Enquire now to get you a free demo.


Our Online Digital Marketing course has been designed to kick-start your digital marketing knowledge and career so you gain new skills and can progress either your desired digital marketing career path or business goals. This Online Digital Marketing training institute led by our in-house experts will allow you to understand the core theoretical components of digital marketing in context and will help when creating an effective digital strategy.


After your course completion, a certificate would be added to the list of your achievements but the knowledge and the hands-on experience on practical scenarios you would obtain from Digital Marketing Courses Live will come in handy as you go about working on the projects as a freelancer, an employee in a reputed digital marketing institute and as an entrepreneur. Sign up for an online digital marketing class with us, and grab the opportunities with both hands.

Syllabus For Online Digital Marketing Course

Join the best Online Digital Marketing Training Institute and take the digital leap of faith.  The purpose of this module is to give you an idea of what digital marketing is. It would give you an insight into the various aspects related to this field. Topics covered under this topic would be
  • What is Marketing?
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
  • Forms of Traditional Marketing.
  • Form of Digital Marketing.
  • Cons of Traditional Marketing.
  • Pros of Digital Marketing.
  • What is Seo?
  • How does SEO work?
  • What are Search Engines?
  • What are the factors included in SEO?
  • On-Page SEO Factors.
  • Off-Page Factors.
  • What is Local SEO?
  • Importance of Local SEO.
  • Local Citations and Submissions.

Local search engine optimization is an important branch of SEO that focuses on optimizing a website to be found in local search results. 

Introduction to WordPress: WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to within WordPress as Themes.

Use of WordPress:
Setting up WordPress (plugins, themes, widgets, etc)
Implementation of On-Page SEO
What is WordPress?- Understanding a website
Structure, WordPress
Website Creation
Web Page Creation
WordPress Themes, Widgets, Plugins

Introduction to Google Analytics
Integration of Google Analytics
Navigating within Google Analytics
Traffic Source
Real-Time Visitors
Bounce Rate%
Actionable Insights

Web service by Google allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize the visibility of their websites.

Topic Include:
Structure Data
Html Improvements
Accelerated Mobile Pages
Google index
Security issues
Search Analytics
Links to your Site
Internal Links
Manual Actions
International Targeting

Importance of Facebook
How can Facebook help in achieving my business goals?
Creating a Company / Business Page
Establishing your online Presence.
How to engage your audience?
Types of posts, post scheduling
How to create & use Groups to maximize your post reach?

Importance of Twitter
Is Twitter important for my business?
How to create a list?
How to make the best use of Twitter?
How to tweet for maximum reach?

How to maintain a professional profile on LinkedIn?
Understanding the importance of LinkedIn
How to use Groups-drive traffic with news & discussions?
How to create LinkedIn Company Page & Groups?
Engaging your Audience.
Importance of Hashtags on LinkedIn & how to use them

How to create a YouTube channel?
Youtube Keyword Research
Publishing a High Definition Video
YouTube ranking factors
YouTube Video Optimization
Promote Your Video
Use of playlists
YouTube AdSense
How to access your Creator Studio in YouTube & Verify Your Channel?
Increase Your Profitability Through YouTube Channel

How to set up a Facebook Business Manager Account?
How to connect a page to a Facebook Business Manager?
How to add someone to a Facebook Business Manager Account?
How to run ads on Facebook?
Facebook Ad Account Creation
Understanding Behavior, Interest & Demographics
How to identify your target audience?
How to set up a Facebook Pixel Code?

How to run ads on Instagram?
Understanding Promote Post.
Difference between Promote Post & Ads.
Use of different placements for running ads on Instagram. Understanding Behavior, Interest & Demographics.

What is Linkedin advertising?
What are the different types of ads on LinkedIn?
What is Audience Targeting?
Understanding the different Ad Formats on LinkedIn.
Ad Dimensions and Rules.
Conversion Tracking.
Insight Code Installation.


Ad-Words Account Setup
Creating Ad-Words Account Understanding purpose of Campaign Location and Language Settings

Ad delivery:

Ad rotation, frequency capping Location and Language Settings
Ad-Words DashBoard
Billing in Ad-Words
Creating First Campaign
Account Limits in Ad-Words
Networks and Devices
Demographic bidding (Display Only)
Ad groups and Keywords
Networks and Devices
Understanding different types of Ads.

How to run Ads on Different Websites?
How to run ads on YouTube? How to run ads in different formats?

Introduction to Email Marketing.
How does Email Marketing Work?
Email Marketing ettiquetes.
Do’s an& Dont’s of Email Marketing.
Building an Email List.
Creating Email Content.
Optimizing Email Campaigns.

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing.
Understanding Affiliate Marketing.
Sources to Make money online.
Applying for an Affiliate.
Payments & Payouts.
CPC, CPA & other metrics
Google AdSense Account Set up.
Placing Ads on the website.
YouTube Video Monetization.
Allowing & blocking Ads.
AdSense Administration.

Basics of Google Adsense. Adsense code installation.
Different types of Ads.
Increasing your profitability through Adsense.
Effective tips in placing video, image, and text ads into your website correctly.
Google Adsense Policy overview.
Apply for an Adsense Account to help Affiliate Marketing.

Adding GTM to your website. Configuring trigger & variables. Set up AdWords conversion tracking Set up Google Analytics.

Set up Google Remarketing Set up LinkedIn Code.

We prepare our students on various techniques and tips that they should keep into mind before starting freelancing and how they can make a career in it.

We conduct regular mock interview sessions and make sure that you are prepared to enter the Digital Marketing Industry.

Upcoming Digital Marketing Batches

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06 December 2021 08:00 AM to 09:30 AM 2 Months Weekdays Online Remind Me!
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About Us

Why Digital Marketing Courses Live?

Why choose Digital Marketing Courses Live as your Online Digital Marketing Training Institute?

FREE Lifetime Support

FREE Domain & Hosting for each Student

100% Placement Assistance

Best Online Digital Marketing Course

We Help You Build a Strong Digital Marketing Career

Building a strong professional career in digital marketing without getting the proper knowledge is impossible. Digital Marketing Courses Live being the top online digital marketing institute, supports the fresher, professionals, and entrepreneurs to understand the concept of digital marketing by taking them through the Theoretical & Practical digital marketing classroom session.


Our experienced and industry expert faculties for our course will guide you step by step about the digital marketing concepts and teach you to create a successful digital marketing campaign that yields business, leads, and conversions.  Best Online Digital Marketing Training Institutes: A training program for freshers to learn get online Digital Marketing training from DMCL. Many students who are looking for an institute for Online Digital Marketing Training must approach us because we work to increase the efficiency of the candidates and pay proper attention to each and every student and make sure that we polish their inner and outer digital marketer personality.


This course covers almost every macro and micro trail that pass through the online advertising industry. We have organized our Online Digital Marketing classes plan in accordance with the convenience of those students too who are currently enrolled in other courses and also for those individuals who are currently working so they can join weekend classes and add a certificate to their CV.


This course being high in demand is also luring professionals from other streams and youngsters are also looking for Digital Marketing as a career, we help such bright individuals so they can gain and adapt to this course and switch their industry and also start a career in Digital Marketing. Our concern is to provide qualitative and cost-effective courses for learners in modern India.


Digital Marketing Courses Live is among the list of top online digital marketing institutes having lots of positive reviews, ratings, and feedback online from the students who previously enrolled with our digital marketing classes in Pune.

We offer a 100% Online Digital Marketing Course Training.

We offer a 100% Digital Marketing Course to our students. Our sessions are LIVE SESSIONS CONDUCTED DAILY and we make sure that all the students are on the same page. Our teaching includes 65 practical and 35% theoretical knowledge.

Best Online Digital Marketing Course
Bespoke Online Digital Marketing Training solutions.

Pursuing the perfect Online Digital Marketing Course can be really challenging with so many institutes to choose from and not being able to decide which one to select, which is why we offer:

Free Lifetime Access (NO Questions Asked)

If you enroll with us, you get unlimited free lifetime access to get all your digital marketing queries solved by us without any additional cost

Career Guidance & Counselling

It can be really confusing to choose your specialization without having the right knowledge. We make sure that we also provide FREE Career Guidance & Counselling to all our students.

Why Should You Enroll in Our Online Digital Marketing Course?

Why Should You Enroll in Our Online Digital Marketing Course?

It’s a great way to learn digital marketing


If you don’t know what digital marketing is, enrolling in a course that is online is your first digital step in your digital marketing career. There are many courses aimed at beginners that will teach you the basics and help you get a very good idea of how digital marketing works. Our sessions are not pre-recorded.


When you enroll for an online digital marketing course with DMCL you would be taught on live platforms every day. Our well-structured digital marketing course will teach you everything you need to know without spending your time reading hundreds of random blog posts, each taking a different approach to digital marketing. You get free lifetime support, annual membership, free hosting & domain, and a lot more perks when you enroll in our course. We strongly believe that all students are unique which is why we encourage our students to ask a lot of questions and we don’t proceed until that valid question is answered.


Digital Marketing Courses Live is a well-known online digital marketing training institute with 100% placement assistance. After completing our Online Digital Marketing Training, you will be in possession of the requisite skills to start your career. You will be taught Digital Marketing completely however we suggest our students choose a specialization and at the same time have complete knowledge too. Take the digital leap of faith with our online digital marketing course. Digital Marketing Courses Live is a student’s first choice because the faculty is young, dynamic, and enthusiastic and it is easier for them to relate to the teaching methodology and techniques.


Our institute offers you the Best Online Digital Marketing Course with Free Lifetime Support, Annual Membership, Free Domain & Hosting, Easy Payment Plans, and much more.

Our Students, Love Us

Look what our students have to say about Digital Marketing Courses Live- An Online Digital Marketing Training Institute.

Free Unlimited Lifetime Support

We offer all our students, Free Unlimited Lifetime Support without any questions asked. So if you’re stuck and need help in a situation with a client or at work and don’t know how to get the issue resolved. Call us and we’re there to assist you absolutely free 24 x 7 x 365

FAQ's About Our Online Digital Marketing Course for Beginners

Digital Marketing Courses Live is an Online Digital Marketing Training Institute. You may have noticed that the syllabus is almost the same in almost all the institutes. What sets us apart from them is 

  1. We provide FREE Unlimited lifetime Support (No Questions Asked)
  2. Our trainer is a Digital Marketing practitioner and he is Facebook & Google Certified.
  3. Annual Membership.
  4. 100% Placement Assistance.

Yes, after the successful completion of all the digital marketing modules, assessments & full fees payment you will get an e-certificate which would be emailed to you, and also a shareable link that you can share on your LinkedIn profile.

All sessions conducted with Digital Marketing Courses Live are LIVE and not pre-recorded.

Yes, Notes are provided after each lecture, emailed to the students.

Currently, we have only online digital marketing trainings.

Yes! We suggest you get a basic laptop (if you don’t have 1 already)

An average package for fresher’s after doing this course is around 1.50 lacs to 2.50 lacs in Pune, and if we talk about other metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai then it increases according to the industries.

An Online Digital Marketing Course is 100% open to all and does not require any technical knowledge at all.

Yes, we provide all our students with 100% of job assistance until they get placed.


We highly encourage all our students to not take any leaves between the class but there are at times due to an emergency you need to take an off. In such cases, we provide our students with an annual membership so they can attend the same topic ion the next batch absolutely free and without any additional charge.

There are a lot of opportunities available after completing this course. You can become an seo analyst, a digital marketing executive, an seo executive, a  ppc expert, social media executive and many more.

Currently, we accept fees in NEFT, IMPS & UPI modes.

Yes, we do have easy payment plans available.

Why should you enroll in an Online Digital Marketing Course?

The modern era is very much the digital era, and almost no organization can succeed if it does not invest in digital marketing.


Both old and new enterprises are increasingly boosting their digital marketing efforts to enhance productivity and boost revenues. Hence, if you are a digital marketing professional, you can look forward to a secure career with immense growth potential. Moreover, you should also try to improve your skillset, and you can do this by enrolling in an online digital marketing course.


Online digital marketing courses have multiple benefits. Here, we will discuss a few that we think you could benefit from knowing. Online Digital Marketing Course or Online learning has been on the rise nowadays, and it’s really not hard to see why. A large number of students are turning to learn online digital marketing courses because they have become a better way to learn. Those students who are serious about improving their understanding and upskill themselves and getting certified are keen to enroll in online digital marketing courses.


More and more students are enrolling for online digital marketing courses because:

1. Students learn more and grab things easily in an online digital marketing course than they do in (traditional) classroom courses.

Surveys say that students can learn five times more material in online digital marketing courses than in regular classroom courses. Online Digital Marketing courses give students full control over their learning, they can work at their own speed, and generally, students work faster than they would do otherwise and grab more information.


2. Retention rates are higher with online learning

Many offline courses struggle to retain students during the duration of the course but this is not the case in online marketing. Online digital marketing classes have more control over how they take in traditional sessions and fewer chances of classes clashing with other commitments.


3. Online Digital Marketing Course requires less time investment.

In traditional classroom sessions, students need to travel daily to the center plus you also need to invest time waiting for the trainers and other students. e-Learning options generally allow students to split the time they are investing in the online digital marketing course in whichever way it’s convenient for them. Students don’t need to be able to dedicate a lot of time to the course.


4. More frequent assessments can reduce distractions.

One of the great things about an online digital marketing Course is that assessment can become an easy ongoing process. Learning materials are easily accessible and discussions with short tests can improve student engagement. Frequently if students are assessed, their trainers can keep track of their progress easily and make sure that equal attention is paid to all students who have enrolled in the online digital marketing course.


An Online digital marketing course is the present and the future of marketing. The compelled transformation has already resulted in online learning in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. Then, why not in a digital marketing training institute? Digital Marketing Courses Live is proud to provide online digital marketing courses for beginners, working professionals, housewives & students. Except for the physical constraint, every other aspect remains the same. So, the intensity in teaching is robust and similar to classroom training.


Digital aspirants can be more attentive without any other disturbance with virtual classes. Therefore, be it social media marketing online course, Search Engine Optimization, Google Advertisement, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, or any other course, you are at an advantage by learning digital marketing online.

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Digital Marketing Courses Live is an Online Digital Marketing Institute located in Pune with its primary motive to provide quality digital marketing education to young and bright individuals.

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