Are Google Digital Marketing Certifications worth it

Are Google Certifications Worth it?

There are a lot of certification courses that Google has to offer and today we would be talking about Google’s Digital Marketing Certifications and Are they worth it?


You must first find work if you want to begin a successful career in Digital Marketing. And in order to do so, you must either impress or reassure your interviewer that you are capable of doing the job. The easiest method to go about it is to get Google Certifications.


Google even makes it simple to learn the fundamentals with their free Google Digital Garage courses. However, you might want to reconsider how you acquire the abilities you need to be a great digital marketer. Beyond certifications, this blog post will lead you through the best approaches to land the job you want.

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Let’s accept it, there is more to digital marketing than Facebook ads and email marketing. Digital Marketing comprises of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Analytics, SMS Marketing, and advertising/marketing on a variety of different platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, are all things you’ll need to understand. You’ll either be in charge of the company’s online marketing or for a client if you work in digital marketing agency.

Besides that the deluge of other Google-related marketing options, such as shopping, display, mobile, etc. While Google Certifications cover the majority of Digital Marketing operations, you will also need to master a number of additional skills, Because Digital Marketing is not about just ads and now you begin to ask yourself Are Google Certifications worth it?

One of the quickest ways to do this is to enroll in a structured Digital Marketing Training Program at Digital Marketing Courses Live with a track record of producing great marketers.

Why a Google Certification?

Before you even go ahead and pursue a certification course with google, you would need to understand what it offers, is it something that you were looking for and whatever the course is promising do you think it will be sufficient enough to get you through a digital marketing agency or land you a job in digital marketing?


You need to ask yourself the main reason you are choosing a Google Certification course rather than any digital marketing institute.

Like we discussed above, Digital Marketing does teach you the fundamentals and other aspects of Google viz Ads, Analytics, YouTube, Google My business etc. and that may not be enough to land you a job and might vary depending on what a employer is looking for.

Are Google Certifications Worth it

What are your intentions on doing a Google Certification course?

The main questions you need to ask yourself is what are my intentions, what is the reason I am doing this course rather than asking are google certifications worth it?


Some employers or agencies might keep a requirement for the candidate to possess Certifications from Google in order for them to be eligible to get the job. On the other hand your knowledge. How much knowledge do you possess? We have personally come across many situations where knowledgeable candidates have got a job in digital marketing even though they didn’t have the required certificates to prove it.


Are you planning to do the Google certification course to impress the HR or the agency where you are planning to apply to or just to boast around on LinkedIn? Or the main reason you are doin the course is that you will be able to get some valuable knowledge that might be able to help you in your digital marketing journey?


There are not many digital marketing agencies that we are aware of who trust or emphasize Google Digital Certifications as much as they do to other certificates, because they know it for a fact that these answers to the assessment can be found through simple Google Search.

Theoretical knowledge is not enough!

Even if you do manage to get the Google certifications how will you be able to put that into practice and move forward with it?


A thorough understanding of the key principles that characterize various areas of digital marketing can be gained through a complete course in digital marketing Make sure you choose a curriculum that emphasizes practical, assignment-based training over purely theoretical instruction. When you do get a job, you’ll have the confidence to put the concepts into reality. You’ll also be better prepared to pass the Google Certification Exam if you take the right course.

Are Google Certifications Worth it

Be realistic and move forward

As previously said, a successful Digital Marketer must be able to run campaigns on a range of marketing platforms, including Facebook/ Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and others. Of course, these platforms include tutorials where you can learn this information. Even if one were so interested, learning each one on the individual platforms is neither just nor feasible.


A complete Digital Marketing Course is the most convenient way to obtain the necessary skill sets.


A well-structured digital marketing school online will also lead you through allied marketing mediums, such as email marketing, in addition to executing advertising campaigns on other platforms.


A Google Certification is an excellent certificate to give to potential employers if you’re interested in a career in Google. However, getting the job is only the first step; you must also be capable of doing the work well. A comprehensive course with a reputable digital marketing training college can assist you in mastering the ideas and gaining the necessary practical expertise to succeed.

Look for a well-structured course from a reputable institute like Digital Marketing Courses Live with a faculty that has the industry exposure; their knowledge will be invaluable, and they will provide vital connections for help with specific difficulties long after you finish your course. So, don’t rely solely on credentials to get ahead. With the help of a good digital marketing course, you may broaden your knowledge and start implementing it in real-world circumstances.   Our post on Top 65 interview questions will be of great help if you have an upcoming SEO interview

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