do i need to know coding to learn digital marketing?

Do I Need to Know Coding to Learn Digital Marketing?

You don’t technically need to learn how to code for a career in digital marketing. Many people think that if you learn how to code, then you will learn all the secrets of the internet, but it isn’t true. Of course, there are some very rare cases where knowing how to code can help you as a marketer (such as if your client needs an app built and you need to learn how to do it), but for the most part, learning coding is much more common in tech-focused marketing.
If you learn learn how to code, then that will certainly give you an advantage over marketers who don’t learn how to code. However, just because you learn how to code doesn’t mean that you will make a successful digital marketer. You can learn everything there is to know about coding and still not be able to learn the skills necessary in order to truly make it in this industry.

The relationship between coding and digital marketing isn’t cut-and-dry. You don’t learn to code and instantly become a better marketer. If you learn how to code, it may help you succeed as a digital marketer, but there are so many other variables involved that it simply isn’t possible for us to give answer whether or not learning how to code will make you a better marketer.


For example, if you learn how to code, but don’t learn how to do public relations or SEO, then your coding abilities won’t help you become a better marketer. However, if you understand coding principles and learn how to incorporate them into your digital marketing campaigns, then this will definitely give you an advantage over marketers who don’t have that sort of knowledge.

What makes a good digital marketer?

If you learn how to code, then that will certainly give you more of an advantage over digital marketers who don’t learn coding, but the most important thing is understanding what it takes to make a good digital marketer in general. Digital marketing is a complex field and it isn’t enough to learn how to work with a few tools and think that you’ll be able to learn everything there is to learn about marketing in the digital space.

Digital marketing isn’t just about learning the latest social media platform or knowing what is changing minute-by-minute. You need to learn how it all works together and learn how each piece of the puzzle plays into the next. If you learn how to code, then that will be one more tool that you have in your belt, but it won’t be enough for making it as a digital marketer on its own.

It’s true that coding is absolutely essential for those who want to create their own websites or apps and learn how they work from the inside out.  But once you’re on board with a firm, you’ll learn that coding isn’t necessary for most digital marketing roles.

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Can I do Without Coding?

There are three primary kinds of skills needed by marketers, and coding isn’t one of them.  Marketers need to know how to create compelling content, tell stories across every platform (a task made easier thanks to recent changes in social media), and learn analytics.  All three of these can be learned without any coding.

Learn Digital Marketing without coding

As a content marketer, you’re going to learn how to create compelling stories that help your business or clients’ businesses stand out online. You’ll learn how to use social media effectively, too — and there are lots of courses available for this. Learn digital marketing by reading other content marketers’ works, by reading other digital marketing blogs, and learn to make your own website using someone else’s platform.


You probably don’t need to learn how social media works on the inside — but you do need to learn how it fits into your overall marketing strategy. If you’re a blogger, learn how to use social media for attracting leads and learn how to use other tools.

You’re also going to learn analytics — learn Google Analytics, learn about digital marketing, learn about social media analytics. You don’t need to learn code in order to understand the data that it provides or other kinds of data sources that you can tap into (some of which are free).


With all of this in mind, learn whatever makes the most sense to you.  If you know how to code already, learn digital marketing so that your coding skills can be put to use for yourself or for clients. If you learn better by doing things hands-on, learn everything else first and then learn some coding later. And learn to learn!

Keeping up with the trends

Keeping up with trends is a big part of digital marketing, and it’s something you can learn to do even if you don’t learn how to code. One place where you’ll learn about the latest online marketing strategies is on an Internet marketing blog.  The best blogs include lots of helpful tips on different digital marketing strategies and learnable skills that you can learn to apply in your own digital marketing work. Don’t just learn digital marketing from one blog, though — learn it from lots of different sites!


You’ll also learn a lot about digital marketing by reading other content marketers’ stories and talking to other people who share your interest in this field. You can learn a lot from others by asking them questions, studying the way they work, and learn what they’ve learned.

Digital Marketing trends 2022

There are also some courses you can take to learn digital marketing. If you’re not someone who learns well on your own — or if you learn better in a classroom environment — then it might be worth investing in an online or in-person course. Be sure to learn from an accredited company, though — you want your education to be at least somewhat useful!    


In fact, learn everything that you can learn about digital marketing. You’ll learn a lot more by practicing on your own and seeing what works best for your business or clients’ businesses than you will learn by trying to learn how to code.


In short, being a digital marketer is about understanding the trends and being able learn from others as well as yourself. You don’t have learn how anything works on the inside — all you need to learn is that it exists and what its capabilities are.  Then you can learn how you can use it to learn digital marketing, learn content creation, learn digital marketing from others.

The bottom line is this: learning how to code can certainly give you an edge over other marketers who don’t learn coding, but it isn’t necessary and won’t guarantee your success as a marketer.

If you learn to code, you can probably do some amazing things as a digital marketer. But you don’t need to learn to code.

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