How to get clients for your digital marketing agency in 2022

How to Get Clients for Your Digital Marketing Agency in 2022?

It is no longer enough to be a digital marketing agency – you must also have customers.


Today, almost everyone with a Digital Marketing Certification is starting an online marketing company because it sounds like the next big thing. However, how do you get clients for your Digital Marketing Agency in 2022? It’s not as easy as it may seem!


That’s why we’re giving you some pointers on how to go about finding customers who are willing to pay for your product or service. Remember, if you want to succeed in business, the first thing to do is find customers who are willing to pay for your product or service! 

01. Go where your customers are

It’s as simple as that. You won’t find a buyer for a high-end fashion product at a construction site, and you probably won’t sell a drill to a woman who is looking at her nails. So how do you get clients for your Digital Marketing Agency?


Some people say it’s easy: just hang out in the “big” forums where everyone is discussing how amazing their PC gaming experience is or how they can make money from home with Google Adsense! Try to spot those little opportunities where there might be someone who needs your service – browse through forum posts about how someone wants to start blogging for money but doesn’t know-how. Maybe they’d be interested in hiring you Other people prefer social media sites where they can reach people who are similar to them.


If you’re selling dog food, for example, create an account on Instagram or Facebook and post pictures of dogs having fun – then start looking at how the other users interact with your posts. You might just find someone who has a big following who is interested in working with you!

02. Take the time to figure out how to really solve a problem

We often think about how we can make more money through digital marketing (because that’s how our industry works), but how do you know whether anyone else will pay thousands of dollars for what you offer? Have you gone to other websites where people discuss their biggest problems?


Maybe there’s something else that needs fixing that isn’t discussed much like how a store needs a new online marketing campaign! Perhaps you can how your services could help them fix their problems.

How to Get Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency- 2022

03. Don't be afraid to go for the big fish...but make sure they're hungry

It might seem like it makes sense to focus on small businesses with small budgets, but those companies usually don’t have as much money as larger ones (probably because they haven’t been around as long). So how do you find those bigger clients for your digital marketing agency? One option is contacting publishers and asking if they need someone to redesign their website. Whatever it is that you’re selling, look at whoever seems like the best “fit”.


Just remember: don’t waste time pitching people who already have agencies doing their work – even if you think you’re good enough! It’s not how you become successful…

04. ...But remember that small fish can be more delicious than big ones

Just because someone has a large budget doesn’t mean they’re ready to spend it on your services – remember how we said how you have to make sure people are hungry for what you offer?  Many big businesses still think they can do everything themselves, or maybe they’ve already hired another digital marketing agency that failed them previously.


Don’t forget how important it is to talk to everyone and find out how much of their business relies on online marketing or whether there could be other ways how you might be able to help them grow! After all, how do you grow if no one sees your advertisements? That’s the whole point of digital marketing.

05. Prove how good you are at what you do

We’re not saying that if someone hires you, they have to believe everything you say about how much you know – after all, this is a business transaction and it’s how things work everywhere else too! You always have to prove how well how your product works for them – so how do you find those people who want proof?


Well, one option is showing how your services can solve their problems by creating a little free tutorial or e-book on how to grow organic traffic with less effort. If they read it and see how interested they are in hiring someone like you, then that should definitely give them an idea of how long-term how working with you might be.

How to Get Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency- 2022

06. Don't stop trying - it's how you find your first client

Starting your dream “Digital Marketing” agency ever since you enrolled in a Digital Marketing Course is the dream of every passionate Digital Marketing enthusiast. Starting your very own Digital Marketing agency and figuring out how to get clients for your Digital Marketing Agency in 2022 can be a challenging task, not an impossible one


Even if no one seems interested in how your services or how they’re too busy to look at anyone new, don’t give up! Remain persistent and keep looking for people who are interested how having their web presence improved. After all, how else will they know how good your work is if they don’t take a look? You can submit proposals to businesses through various websites, but you might also consider sending them by e-mail instead of using the online form provided on their website. Just make sure that it doesn’t sound like an ad!

07. Be mindful, how many clients you're taking on

It’s definitely tempting how to take on as many clients you take on in your journey to get clients for your digital marketing agency, because how else will you be able to make the money necessary for starting a business?


But how do you know whether this is really such a good idea? When you work with too many people, it’s often hard to give all of them the attention they deserve – some might get neglected until they finally drop off and never come back.

08. Don't forget about customer service

No matter how much time you spend to get clients for your digital marketing agency in 2022, don’t ever neglect your existing ones! Of course, that’s not what we mean by customer service – just think about ways how you can improve their experience working with you.


If they’re satisfied, then that should give you an idea of your business’s value.

How to Get Clients for Your Digital Marketing Agency in 2022

09. Be willing to adapt

Digital marketing is changing all the time – not only because new devices are being released or innovations in website design are becoming more common, but also because different kinds of people are starting how their own companies! And this means that whatever kind of digital marketing services you offer might have to change soon after you start your agency if you don’t want it to become less valuable over time.

10. Don't forget to network!

How do you find clients for your digital marketing agency if no one will give you an opportunity?



If people aren’t ready to pay for your services right now, then what about doing business with them another way? What we’re saying is that you need to start networking and offering different kinds of help and advice and even establishing personal connections without expecting to make money out of it at the moment.



For example, if someone asks how to help with social media because they can’t tie down their employees to work within a specific hour every day, offer your assistance – after all, as a marketer who offers digital marketing services, how might you even be able to do better?

For example, if your potential customer doesn’t have enough time or money to hire you on a regular basis, why not help them for free or on the condition that they’ll call upon you whenever they need your services again in the future.

The most important thing here is not to be shy about asking! After all, no one’s going to just give you their business overnight without some kind of work being done first. You can also offer different kinds of social media marketing support – after all, there are plenty of people out there who don’t seem capable of doing it right even though they’re willing to pay someone else.

Entice such clients by offering your services – now you have the opportunity to make money without having to work alone, or invest in any kind of physical property. You can start this kind of business anytime.

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